Travel components Colombia

Colombia travel components - Individual travel dates according to your wishes!

If you would like to remain flexible during your trip, you can also make use of individual and independent travel components that we offer for many regions of the country.  


The regions of Colombia that we travelled ourselves served as a basis for designing our travel modules with selected destinations, sights and activities, in order to be able to offer you something special and individual.   


We can adapt the following travel modules individually according to your ambitions and wishes, such as the date, duration etc. of your trip. In addition, we also have offers in regions that you would like to visit but are not listed in the overview. Therefore, simply let us know your desired destination and the main areas of interest. We will be happy to create an attractive travel offer for you.  


Thus you can organize a personally unique and unforgettable trip to Colombia. It is also interesting for you to know that we also organize international trips, such as to Panama. Whether as a component or in combination after a Colombia round trip. The travel experts at Cafeteratours will be happy to advise you!


For further destinations and wishes, day trips or guided tours through Colombia just contact us!